What do we mean when we say we are a “biblical church”? Three things:

It means we are a church that unabashedly believes the Bible is inspired by God and is completely trustworthy and without error in all that it teaches.

It also means we believe the Bible is the ultimate authority in all matters of life, faith and worship. It teaches us what we are to believe about God, what God requires of us and the only way we can receive the gift of God’s grace and salvation in Jesus Christ.

It also means we believe the Bible is to be preached and taught; that the minister is to expound God’s Word and feed his sheep; and that everything that is taught in the church is measured against the truths of Scripture. This also means we are not into gimmicks, flashy programs or entertainment. We’ve got a Bible and we believe it is imperative that we know what it says and how to use it.


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