What is the Worship like at GCC?

We tend to categorize our thoughts about worship as being either “traditional” or “contemporary.” But the Scriptures describe worship as either “true” or “false”. God has revealed in his Word how he wants us to worship him, and that is what we strive to do at GCC: to worship by the book. This is why we sing songs that are biblically faithful and able to be sung by the congregation. Some of those songs are older hymns, some are newer songs. We also use a variety of instrumentation. But we believe that the songs we sing are formative; meaning what we sing shapes our view of God, of salvation and how we are to live.

Ultimately we strive to make much of God when we worship together, because ultimately that is what worship is about: praising, singing and bowing down to our Creator and Redeemer with reverence, awe and joy inexpressible.


Join us this Sunday for Worship at 10:45 AM